Arabs and spirituality


It’s is really ironic that people speaking of religion the most are the ones lacking spirituality and inner peace. We tend to see spirituality as a different religion, a rival to what we have and value. We have always looked at religion as a set of mechanical actions that if done correctly will eventually lead us to paradise.
Unfortunately we failed to realize one big truth, that is the purpose of religion as way to build the soul and to connect people to each other. This is what religion is here for.
Spirituality on the other hand connects us to ourselves,to our inner soul and to God, Allah, or the universal mind, whatever name we want to give it. Arab and this case Islamic literature has always focused on the practical part of the religion to gain control over the people, moving them in herds to achieve the goals of the elite.
Now we’re trying to rebuild the Arab/Muslim personality to a balance. A balance between religion as a set of rules governing people’s lives and their souls as an an ultimate goal in life. We want to re establish contact with other people from other nations based on a new understanding where human is a human regardless of faith, religious or ethnic backgrounds.


Buying new equipment.


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RYNO Motors – One Wheeler

Real Swarm of Flying Nano Quadrotors Doing Flight Tricks

Now my personal website is fully integrated with my facebook account. This means I can create posts on my website at and it will get published to my profile in Facebook. This operation is seamless, meaning no matter how hard you stare at it you won’t be able to see the seam connecting the two sites. We simply don’t use seams any more.

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Software Locker

Software locker

Software to help you do more

Software Locker stores a variety of software, ebooks, how tos, and many other resources to help you get more from you PC in any flavor, windows, Mac, Linux, or even your mobile phone. Technically it’s software that can save you time, money, or make you more money or all.

Everything is categorized and well indexed to help you search by category, keywords, or a whole phrase. If you’re not sure of what you’re looking for you can just browse around to see something that can trigger something in your head. Yes your head!
Sometimes we need to see things to help us remember that long forgotten idea. Software locker will help you do that as well.

Sujok Alternative Therapy

I recently discovered Sujok and from what I saw, it is really effective and safe alternative natural therapy. I have invited one of best Sujok therapists in the Arab world Dr. Mohammed Redha Amrou to our Peace network to lecture and interact with our members. This is the website.

If you want to learn Sujok and many other new age therapies then this is the place to be. Keep your wallet away. This is free service by Dr. Amrou in support of peace and the good of mankind.

Now it’s time to see your tummy in the palm of your hand.

Sujok diagram

See your tummy in your hand

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Abbrak for Peace

Abbrak logo

Abbrak peace network

On the 22nd of February, Abbrak for Peace was launched by Arif Aldoseri to promote peace between all nations around the world. One day we all have to live together and I can’t see a way around it. The world is shrinking, people are getting rid of the old ways and we Arab especially have to learn how to coexist with others.

This is an invitation to all peace lovers to join our network and start spreading the message of peace. We need it, no shame in admitting that we need help. Please be gentle with people and try to understand that our people need time to digest new ideas. Unfortunately religious teachings has taken its toll on people’s minds but it’s never too late especially with new generations.

This is the link:

The website is multilingual. Arabic, English, French. Most members speak French or English beside Arabic. There are no special pages for each language so you can write, share, upload videos, photos as you please wherever you see fit. The idea is to get things mixed up. but main website language is translated such as menus, sections, etc…